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Spy Sweeper A++

Spyware Doctor A++

Counter Spy A++

Double Anti-Spy A+

Malwarebytes Pro A+

Ad-Aware A+

Stopzilla A+

XoftSpy A+

Detector A+

ZeroSpyware A+

Trend Micro B

Computer Associates B

SpyNoMore B



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Best Anti Spyware Software Review 2012  

Protect your computer from malicious programs that can damage your PC.

You will find the top rated anti spyware programs, ratings and comparisons of the leading spyware removal, spyware removers, spyware removing, and adware removal programs on this page, including Spyware Doctor, Counterspy, SpySweeper, and many other anti spyware programs.

We have also included terms and definitions to help you better understand and pick the best spyware detection program. In addition to our great software reviews for anti spyware, antivirus software can protect your computer from potentially harmful threats.  You can also find information on the best internet security and parental control software, as well as finding information on the best security software for all other threats.

Antispyware software programs can scan your PC, remove, delete, detect, find adware, unwanted toolbars, remove savenow, spybots, Trojans, keyloggers, browser hijackers, cleaning and much more.


$10 Off  -    Counterspy plus VIPRE Antivirus



AntiSpyware Featured Products

best anti spyware software reviews





SpySweeper finds and eliminates keyloggers, Trojans, hijackers, and spyware from your PC.  SpySweeper 

Catch and remove infections like keyloggers, spyware, adware, hijackers, Trojans, dialers and tracking cookies with Spyware Doctor.  

top anti spyware software

CounterSpy guards your computer against a huge number of malicious software infections and intruders.      CounterSpy


Review of Anti Spyware Software - "Editors Choices"
SpySweeper $39.99
Buy Now
$10 Off
A++ Rating SpySweeper 2012 finds and eliminates keyloggers, Trojans, hijackers, and spyware from your PC. "Editors Choice" Independent Review -  Overall Rating A++
Spyware Doctor $29.99
Buy Now
20% Off
A++ Rating Catch and remove infections like keyloggers, spyware, adware, hijackers, Trojans, dialers and tracking cookies with Spyware Doctor. "Editors Choice" Independent Review -  Overall Rating A++
CounterSpy $19.95
Buy Now
A++ Rating CounterSpy guards your computer against a huge number of malicious software.  "Editors Choice" Independent Review -  Overall Rating A++
Double Anti-Spy $29.95
Buy Now
20% Off
A+ Rating Double Anti-Spy Professional is an anti-virus software that has a double scanning engine to give you the latest protection from spyware threats.
Malwarebytes Pro $24.95
Buy Now
A+ Rating Malwarebytes Pro stops malware attacks and threats even when the most well known softwaer programs could not get the job completed.
Stopzilla $29.95
Buy Now

$10 Off
A+ Rating STOPzilla stops Web Dialers, Browser Hijackers, Backdoor Trojans, Keystroke Loggers, BHOs, and Messenger Service Ads—without interrupting your computer processes!
XoftSpy $39.95
Buy Now

10% Off
A+ Rating XoftSpy: the most innovative program online for removing malicious software
Adaware $29.95
Buy Now
A+ Rating Ad-Aware Plus – Real-time protection through the real-time monitor. Detect and remove privacy threats to your PC!
ZeroSpyware $19.95
Buy Now
A+ Rating ZeroSpyware removes malware malicious code definition database—one of the largest on the market!
Spyware Detector $29.95
Buy Now

$10 Off
A+ Rating Max Secure Spyware Detector is created to detect, remove malware
Trend Micro $29.99
Buy Now

20% Off
B Rating Trend Micro Anti-Spyware 2012, designed specifically for home usage, is a complete spyware protection and deletion tool.
CA Spyware $29.95
Buy Now

20% Off
B Rating CA lets you confidently surf online, without needing to worry about your personal info staying safe.
SpyNoMore $39.95
Buy Now

10% Off
B Rating SpyNoMore protects your identity and private information, while speeding up your system!


Spyware is the Top surfing hazard.

An opportunity has been concealed on your machine, under your nose, and it is being exploited to embezzle unauthorized, private data and information about you such as account information, passwords, information about your online usage habits and credit card numbers.

Spyware Infects 90% of all computer Users

According to the NCSA, over 90 percent of web users mistakenly have these malicious files installed on their PCs. "Everyday companies and businesses are faced with progressively more difficult attacks on security and privacy that escape traditional firewalls and are immune to the latest antivirus technology. The biggest growing threat of attacks come in the appearance of malicious programs," writes R. Koontz Network World writer.

The design of malware makes it hard to avoid, and even more difficult to identify and eliminate. Experts say that this pest increasing at double the rate of virus attacks, with innovative threats rising daily.

Forms of Spyware

There are hundreds of thousands of diverse threats in use on the Internet, each with different ways of attacking.

1) Adware - Adware is software programs whose incomes are generated by pop-up ads that are shown while the program is operating. These adware programs are tied in with what looks like real genuine programs, which are many times are obtained by downloading from the Internet.

Keystroke Monitors
2) Monitors and Keystroke Loggers - A predominantly menacing form, these files can watch and record practically everything a user is doing on the computer. Keystrokes and Passwords - everything that you type and click can be stored and  encrypted on log files and then repeatedly checked out by the spyware host.

Trojan Horses and Viruses
3) Trojan Horse program - A Trojan horse is a vicious program, disguised as a malignant application, that is planned to damage, computer operating systems or the computer system hard drive, causing failure or even the damage of the user’s system.

Browser Hijackers and Page Hijackers
5) Hijackers - A page hijacker or browser is a program planned to alter the user’s browser settings to make a user to a website specified by the author.




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