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Net Nanny A+++

Safe Eyes A++

CyberPatrol A++

PureSight A+

Actmon  A

ChildwebGuardian  A

iShield  A

Bsecure A

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ContentProtect Pro A+++

ContentProtect Pro Suite A+++

CyberPatrol A++

ContentProtect Security Appliance A+++

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Facebook & Social Networking Parental Controls

SocialGuard A++

NetNanny A+

Chat Blocker A

Safe Eyes A

Online Guardian A

Capture MySpace A



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Which Internet Filter Software is Best for You?


Benefits of The Top Rated Internet Filters  


b safe,block porn, content filter, child protection

Bsafeonline                  Christian internet Filter

  • Control the amount of time online..
  • Multiple user profiles.
  • Built in Free Firewall..
  • Blocks file sharing programs.
  • Tamper resistant protection from knowledgeable teens.

Comments:  Bsafeonline is a very strong program with some outstanding blocking features for Peer to Peer blocking, instant messaging blocking and more.  

A very strong feature for Bsafeonline is that is has its own firewall feature built in.

Optional "no password override" meaning no guessed at or cracked passwords, resulting in maximum protection for children and adults. 




web content blocker reviews

Safe Eyes           Christian internet Filter

  • User Interface: The Safe Eyes User Interface has been redesigned to make navigation easier and configuration more intuitive.  Every major feature of Safe Eyes is now just one-click away.
  • Content Controls: Easily control what type of content each member of your family can access.  There are 35 categories of websites to ban or allow for each user.
  • Custom Banned Site List: Create your own list of websites that are
    banned or allowed for each user.  You can even create a site list and only allow access to sites on the list.
  • Create Banned Keywords: Make your own list of words that cannot be used to conduct a web search.
  • Program Controls: Disable usage of Internet-based programs such as newsgroups, instant messengers, peer-to-peer file sharing and more.
  • Time Controls: Specify what times of the day a specific user is allowed to use the Internet.
  • Popup Blocker: Stops annoying popup ads from appearing when you visit a website.  This newly-designed popup blocker contains advanced features such as allowing popups on specific websites and ctrl+click overrides.  The popup blocker can be enabled or disabled on a per user basis.
  • Local Usage Logging: Keep track of where each user goes on the Internet.  Review the listed sites and sort them by date/time, user, website destination, category the website was in, or if the site was banned or not.  Quickly check and see if a particular user is trying to bypass the filter.
  • Server-Side Usage Logging*: Securely store the websites visited by each user on a server.  Since the data is not stored locally on your computer it is tamper proof and accessible from anywhere through our web-base portal.  Up to 28 days of data will be stored on each user.
  • Share With A Friend: Use the new Safe Eyes "Friends" system to share your usage logs with a friend.  Your Friends will be able to see what websites you are visiting and help you steer clear of content that you would like to avoid.
  • Usage Alerts*: Get notified by email, text message or telephone call when a user tries to access a specific type of website.  You set the threshold that triggers the alert and the type of alert you would like to receive.  You can even set the times of day that specific alerts are not active.
  • 15 Day Free Trial: Try Safe Eyes 2005 on us.  For 15 days you can try ALL of the Safe Eyes features, risk free!
  • Phone Support: If you ever have a problem with Safe Eyes call our toll-free support center and get assistance from a real, live person.
  • Online Support: Submit Trouble Reports or requests from our website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Feel free to submit your request any time of the day...or night!





Net Nanny

  • Easy to use.
  • Customize filter settings for each family member.
  • Strong Blocking control.
  • View reports on each family members usage.
  • Lets you decide what internet content gets through.

Comments:  Individual filtering settings are available for each family member.




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